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Let’s dig into the list of beverages that start with B! This journey introduces you to options, ranging from the famous drink in Vietnam, bia (Vietnamese beer), to the exotic butter tea, a salty tea made with yak butter.

As you explore these B-named beverages, you’ll uncover rich tastes and preparation techniques for them. 

Ingredients like grains (e.g., barley and coffee beans), dairy products (e.g., butter and milk), and tea leaves are mainly used in making these creations.

Plus, the art of beverage-making typically shines through methods like brewing, boiling, and fermenting. 

In terms of categories, this collection includes cold non-alcoholic, and fermented alcoholic beverages.

Some intriguing facts about these “B” beverages include:

  • Vietnam’s bia consumption reached 3.8 million liters in 2022
  • Unlike other teas, butter tea is made by boiling tea leaves and mixing in salt and butter.
  • Bạc xỉu‘ has its origin in Cantonese and is formally known as ‘bạc tẩy xỉu phé.’

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List of B-Starting Beverages with Filters

Bac Xiu

Bạc Xỉu

Bạc xỉu is a sweet Vietnamese coffee due to it contains more milk than coffee.



Flag of Vietnam#3 in Vietnam

Bia refers to several types of Vietnamese beer, enjoyed for its rich drinking culture.