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This exploration uncovers drinks starting with T, ranging from the most renowned to the undiscovered. 

Trà (Vietnamese tea) undoubtedly takes the crown as the most popular T beverage in this list. On the other hand, trà sen (Vietnamese lotus tea), might be new to many palates.

Prominent ingredients in ‘T’ beverages include tea leaves, milk, and fruits. The main preparation method includes steeping.

Beverage types include hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks, and drink desserts.

Here are some intriguing snippets about T beverages:

  • Trà đào won the “Most Favorite Street Food” at the 2015 WeChoice Awards with over 56,000 votes. 
  • Historically, trà sen was exclusive to Kings and royals. 
  • In Vietnam, “trà chanh chém gió” is a popular street culture where youth enjoy trà chanh and socialize at local stalls.

In the next section, take a trip through the tantalizing tastes of T-beginning beverages.

List of T-Starting Beverages with Filters

Tea in Central Asia

Tea in Central Asia

Flag of Kazakhstan#1 in Kazakhstan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#1 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Tajikistan#1 in Tajikistan

Flag of Turkmenistan#1 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Uzbekistan#1 in Uzbekistan

Tea in Central Asia is a respected hospitality symbol, traditionally served in a “piala,” with regionally varied preferences in types.



Flag of Vietnam#2 in Vietnam

Trà is a drink made by steeping leaves, buds, or branches of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) in hot or boiling water.

Tra Chanh

Trà Chanh

Trà chanh is a Vietnamese iced lemon tea that combines brewed tea with fresh lemon juice and sweetener.

Tra Da

Trà Đá

Trà đá is a popular Vietnamese iced tea, served cold and often enjoyed as a refreshing street-side beverage.

Tra Dao

Trà Đào

Trà đào is a Vietnamese peach-flavored tea, often sweetened and served hot or cold.

Tra Sen

Trà Sen

Trà sen is a Vietnamese lotus tea known for its delicate and fragrant flavor of lotus flowers.

Tra Sua Tran Chau

Trà Sữa Trân Châu

Trà sữa trân châu is a Taiwanese-inspired beverage in Vietnam consisting of milk tea with chewy tapioca pearls.

Tra Tac

Trà Tắc

Trà tắc is a Vietnamese refreshment made by infusing tea with kumquat juice.

Tra Xanh

Trà Xanh

Trà xanh is a Vietnamese green tea known for its delicate flavor and numerous health benefits.