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Check out the dishes below that start with A to learn more about culinary diversity worldwide. 

A beloved “A” dish in the list below is angel wings, a globally known pastry made from deep-fried twisted dough, while the aushak, an Afghan dumpling with filling, is lesser-known.

Main ingredients vary widely across these “A” dishes and can include items like flour, eggs, and vegetables (like tomatoes and chives). 

Plus, main cooking methods also vary, such as boiling and deep-frying. Regarding their dish types, they are dumplings, cakes and pastries.

Some fun facts about A-named dishes are:

  • Angel wings are a common treat during celebrations like Carnival and Fat Thursday (a festive pre-Lent celebration). 
  • Aushak is particularly popular in Kabul (Capital of Afghanistan).

See what other special things dishes starting with A offer in the next section. Read on!

List of A-Starting Dishes with Filters

Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Flag of Uzbekistan#33 in Uzbekistan

Angel wings are ribbon-shaped pastry that is fried and enjoyed with sugar.

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