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Are you looking for some dishes that start with F? Prepare to savor all of them here, from the famous favorite gỏi cuốn (Vietnamese fresh spring rolls), to the lesser popular one, gỏi cá (Vietnamese raw fish salad). 

Components like chicken, pork, rice paper, fresh vegetables and herbs (like basil, lemongrass, mint) are regularly used in “G” delights.

They are often cooked through steaming, frying, braising, or rolling. Furthermore, they include different dish types, such as salads, grilled and barbecued dishes, and steamed dishes.

Here are some quick and fun facts about these dishes that fall under the letter ‘G’:

  • Gỏi features a sweet, sour, and savory flavor from lime juice, sugar, and fish sauce.
  • Giò is essential during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.
  • Gà nướng sả is a popular grilled chicken dish in Vietnam.

Explore the diverse and delightful world of dishes beginning with G in the comprehensive guide ahead.

List of G-Starting Dishes with Filters

Ga Hap Muoi

Gà Hấp Muối

Flag of Vietnam#136 in Vietnam

Gà hấp muối is a Vietnamese dish of a whole chicken steamed with salt, lemongrass, and other spices, without water, to create a tender and aromatic meat.

Ga Kho

Gà Kho

Flag of Vietnam#37 in Vietnam

Gà kho is a group of Vietnamese braised or stewed chicken dishes seasoned with aromatic components.

Ga Nuong Sa

Gà Nướng Sả

Flag of Vietnam#99 in Vietnam

Gà nướng sả is Vietnamese grilled chicken marinated in lemongrass and spices.



Flag of Vietnam#61 in Vietnam

Giò is a Vietnamese cold cut that combines minced meats and spices, often steamed in banana leaves.

Gio Thu

Giò Thủ

Giò thủ is a Vietnamese delicacy made from pork head meat with other ingredients like black fungus and spices.



Flag of Vietnam#44 in Vietnam

Gỏi (or nộm) is a Vietnamese salad featuring a mix of fresh vegetables and meats in a sweet, sour, and savory dressing.

Goi Ca

Gỏi Cá

Gỏi cá is a traditional Vietnamese salad consisting of raw fish marinated in lemon juice, mixed with various herbs and spices.

Goi Cuon

Gỏi Cuốn

Flag of Vietnam#3 in Vietnam

Gỏi cuốn is a Vietnamese fresh spring roll filled with pork, shrimp, herbs, rice vermicelli, and wrapped in rice paper.

Goi Du Du

Gỏi Đu Đủ

Gỏi đu đủ is a Vietnamese papaya salad, often featuring green papaya, herbs, and a spicy-sweet dressing.

Goi Ga

Gỏi Gà

Gỏi gà is a Vietnamese chicken salad typically made with shredded chicken, fresh herbs, and a tangy dressing.

Goi Ngo Sen

Gỏi Ngó Sen

Gỏi ngó sen is a Vietnamese salad consisting of tender lotus stems, fresh herbs, meat, all tossed in a tangy dressing.

Goi Tom Thit

Gỏi Tôm Thịt

Gỏi tôm thịt is a Vietnamese salad featuring shrimp, pork, vegetables, fresh herbs, and a sweet and tangy dressing.



Flag of Turkmenistan#23 in Turkmenistan

Gowurma is a deep-fat-fried meat dish of gowurma that is enjoyed directly or for infusing flavor into soups.

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