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Read the below insights to comprehend a dish that starts with I. Among various culinary stars, Irimshik stands out as a famous cottage cheese of Kazakh cuisine.

This I-named dish often includes milk and a fermenting agent (like sour cream), and can be prepared by boiling the milk and sometimes drying. The cheese belongs to the charcuterie and cheese board dish type. 

Below are am intriguing fact about this “I” dish:

  • Irimshik comes in two variations: white (ak) and red (kyzyl). The red version is sun-dried for extended shelf life.

Keep reading to learn more about I-starting dishes.

List of I-Starting Dishes with Filters



Flag of Turkmenistan#29 in Turkmenistan

Ichlekli is a type of Turkmen meat pie made with meat and various vegetables.



Flag of Kazakhstan#41 in Kazakhstan

Irimshik is a type of Kazakh cottage cheese that is often dried and stored for later.



Flag of Turkmenistan#24 in Turkmenistan

Ishlykly is a dish made by stuffing dough with mutton and vegetables in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.

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