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Follow me to unveil the underappreciated world of dishes that start with M. While meat pie is a globally famous name, the lesser-recognized morkovcha, a carrot-based salad, is unique. 

These M-starting delicacies typically utilize noodles, meats (like chicken, duck, or beef), beans, and flour, which can be baked, stir-fried, or steamed. 

Noodle dishes, dumplings, soups, and desserts are some typical dish types of these M dishes. 

For more insights, check out below fun facts of some M-title delights:

  • Mắm tôm (aka shrimp paste) is believed to ward off evil spirits in Vietnamese culture.
  • The UK produced the world’s priciest meat pie in 2005, valued at US$ 14,260 (unadjusted for inflation).
  • In 2013, Vietnam made the largest mì Quảng, using 231.48 lbs of rice noodles, 39.68 lbs of pork belly, 55.11 lbs of shrimp, and 11 lbs of crabs.

See what’s special about dishes starting with M in our next section.

List of M-Starting Dishes with Filters

Mam Tom

Mắm Tôm

Flag of Vietnam#75 in Vietnam

Mắm tôm is a Vietnamese fermented shrimp paste with a strong aroma.



Flag of Kazakhstan#4 in Kazakhstan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#4 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Tajikistan#4 in Tajikistan

Flag of Uzbekistan#5 in Uzbekistan

Manti is a dumpling version of the Central Asia region with spiced meat.



Flag of Uzbekistan#23 in Uzbekistan

Mashhurda is a Uzbek soup made with mung beans, vegetables, and meat.



Flag of Uzbekistan#40 in Uzbekistan

Mastava is a traditional Uzbek soup made with rice, vegetables, and meat.



Flag of Tajikistan#26 in Tajikistan

Mastoba is a soup of rice, meat, and vegetables in Tajikistan with a thick consistency and is often served in an oval bowl.

Me Xung

Mè Xửng

Flag of Vietnam#135 in Vietnam

Mè xửng is a traditional Vietnamese candy made from sesame seeds, peanuts, and maltose, known for its sweet, chewy texture.

Meat Pie

Meat Pie

Meat pie is a type of flaky meat-filled pastry in many countries around the world.

Mi Quang

Mì Quảng

Flag of Vietnam#15 in Vietnam

Mì quảng is a noodle soup from Vietnam originating from the Quang Nam province, made with wide rice noodles, savory broth, herbs, and meat.

Mi Vit Tiem

Mì Vịt Tiềm

Flag of Vietnam#35 in Vietnam

Mì vịt tiềm is a Vietnamese dish of egg noodles with braised duck and various toppings in a dark and herbal broth that originated from Chinese cuisine.

Mi Xao Bo

Mì Xào Bò

Flag of Vietnam#36 in Vietnam

Mì xào bò is a Vietnamese stir-fried dish consisting of instant or egg noodles, thinly sliced beef, and vegetables.



Flag of Vietnam#67 in Vietnam

Miến is a type of cellophane noodle with a transparent texture that can pair with broth or for making dry noodle dishes.

Mien Ga

Miến Gà

Miến gà is a Vietnamese dish consisting of glass noodles in a clear chicken broth, often accompanied by shredded chicken.

Mien Luon

Miến Lươn

Miến lươn is a traditional Vietnamese noodle dish made with glass noodles and eel.



Flag of Turkmenistan#19 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Tajikistan#19 in Tajikistan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#29 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Uzbekistan#32 in Uzbekistan

Flag of Kazakhstan#34 in Kazakhstan

Morkovcha is a carrot salad of the Koryo-saram Korean communities created in Russia.



Flag of Vietnam#83 in Vietnam

Mứt hạt sen, mứt dừa, mứt tắc, mứt gừng, mứt bí are among the varieties of jams displayed during the Tet holiday.

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