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Here, you will find a list of dishes beginning with N, ranging from the well-known to the less renowned. 

Among these N-starting dishes, the star of the show is undoubtedly nem rán from Vietnam.

 For those seeking something off the beaten path, naryn (a traditional Kyrgyz hand-rolled noodle with horse meat) might pique interest.

The main ingredients for the N-starting dishes include a wide range of items such as noodles, fish, and pork​​. Cooking methods encompass baking, boiling, and frying. 

When classified according to their respective dish types, these “B” dishes include noodle dishes, fried dishes, grilled and barbecued dishes.

Some quick fun facts about the letter N name dishes include:

  • In 2007, Ninh Hoa Province made the longest nem chua, measuring 36 ft and using 727.5 lbs of meat and 661 lbs of leaves. 
  • Nem nướng Ninh Hòa ranks among Vietnam’s top 100 iconic specialties. 
  • Nem rán is essential for major feasts and Tet in Northern Vietnam. 
  • Nauryz kozhe is a symbolic dish to celebrate Nauryz, an ancient festival marking the spring equinox.

Scroll down for an in-depth look at delicacies that start with the letter N.

List of N-Starting Dishes with Filters



Flag of Turkmenistan#26 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Tajikistan#27 in Tajikistan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#31 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Kazakhstan#36 in Kazakhstan

Flag of Uzbekistan#36 in Uzbekistan

Nabat is a type of saffron-infused rock candy in Iran.



Flag of Turkmenistan#11 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#15 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Uzbekistan#16 in Uzbekistan

Flag of Kazakhstan#19 in Kazakhstan

Naryn is an intriguing mix of noodles and meat, all served in a hearty bowl in Central Asia.

Nauryz Kozhe

Nauryz Kozhe

Flag of Turkmenistan#15 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Tajikistan#16 in Tajikistan

Flag of Uzbekistan#22 in Uzbekistan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#25 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Kazakhstan#30 in Kazakhstan

Nauryz kozhe is a Kazakh and Kyrgyz festive soup (or drink), blending milk, horse meat, grains, and kashk.

Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is a specialty pizza of Naples made from local tomatoes and mozzarella.

Nem Chua

Nem Chua

Flag of Vietnam#50 in Vietnam

Nem chua is a Vietnamese fermented pork sausage, tangy and slightly spicy, traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and eaten raw as an appetizer or snack.

Nem Nuong

Nem Nướng

Flag of Vietnam#34 in Vietnam

Nem nướng is a Vietnamese dish consisting of grilled seasoned ground pork skewers, often served with fresh herbs, rice paper, vermicelli noodles, and dipping sauce.

Nem Ran

Nem Rán

Nem rán is a Northern Vietnam fried spring roll with ground meat, eggs, and glass noodles, all wrapped in rice paper.

Nuoc Mam Toi Ot

Nước Mắm Tỏi Ớt

Flag of Vietnam#56 in Vietnam

Nước mắm tỏi ớt is a Vietnamese dipping sauce made from Vietnamese fish sauce, water, sugar, garlic, and chili peppers.

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