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This exploration features various dishes starting with T, showcasing a diverse culinary journey. 

Thịt kho tàu (Vietnamese braised pork with eggs), leads the list, while the lesser-known Tirit (Turkish bread soup) quietly awaits discovery.

In the array of ‘T’ dishes, key ingredients often include pork, eggs, and bread, while common cooking methods span baking, frying, and grilling. 

These dishes manifest in varied types, like braised dishes, stews, grilled and barbecued dishes.

Delving into these T-inspired dishes, some exciting snippets emerge:

  • In the Western Vietnamese dialect, “Tàu” in “Thịt kho tàu” signifies a sweet-salty flavor balance.
  • Consuming an odd number of Trứng vịt lộn is thought by many Vietnamese to avert bad luck.
  • Tandyr nan is recognized for its unique pattern with a “chekich” bread stamp.

Embark on this flavorful journey through T-named dishes, each with its unique story, in the following content.

List of T-Starting Dishes with Filters

Tandyr Nan

Tandyr Nan

Flag of Turkmenistan#7 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Uzbekistan#10 in Uzbekistan

Flag of Tajikistan#15 in Tajikistan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#23 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Kazakhstan#27 in Kazakhstan

Tandyr nan is a Central Asian bread often patterned with a chekich stamp.

Tau Hu Nuoc Duong

Tàu Hũ Nước Đường

Flag of Vietnam#86 in Vietnam

Tàu hũ nước đường is a silky Vietnamese tofu dessert, served with sweet ginger syrup.

Thach Suong Sao

Thạch Sương Sáo

Flag of Vietnam#96 in Vietnam

Thạch sương sáo is a Vietnamese dessert made from Chinese mesona, a species of plant.

Thit Dong

Thịt Đông

Flag of Vietnam#110 in Vietnam

Thịt đông is a traditional Vietnamese dish of pork that is cooked with spices and mushrooms and then cooled to form a gelatinous cake.

Thit Heo Quay

Thịt Heo Quay

Flag of Vietnam#24 in Vietnam

Thịt heo quay is the Vietnamese version of roast pork with crispy skin and succulent flesh.

Thit Kho

Thịt Kho

Flag of Vietnam#22 in Vietnam

Thịt kho is a Vietnamese braised dish normally including pork in a caramelized sauce and other ingredients.

Thit Kho Tau

Thịt Kho Tàu

Flag of Vietnam#126 in Vietnam

Thịt Kho Tàu is a Vietnamese caramelized pork and egg stew, rich in sweet and savory flavors.

Tiet Canh

Tiết Canh

Flag of Vietnam#93 in Vietnam

Tiết canh is a traditional Vietnamese dish made from raw animal blood, usually duck or pig.



Flag of Uzbekistan#28 in Uzbekistan

Tirit is a popular dish made from stale bread in Turkey.

Trung Chien

Trứng Chiên

Flag of Vietnam#131 in Vietnam

Trứng chiên is a Vietnamese dish of eggs fried in oil, often seasoned or combined with additional ingredients.

Trung Vit Lon

Trứng Vịt Lộn

Flag of Vietnam#38 in Vietnam

Trứng vịt lộn is a Vietnamese specialty of fertilized duck eggs with a developing embryo.

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