Tajik Beverages

Tajik beverages mainly include tea and tea-based drinks. For alcoholic choices, vodka is one of the most popular ones.

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Basic Information

Tajik Beverages: Basic Overview

Common Ingredients

Tea, milk, fruits

Common Preparing Methods

Brewing, simmering

Key Taste

Sweet, complex

Drinking Etiquette

Sit on mats or benches, tea is served in pialah bowls, invert cup to signal no more tea.

Culinary Festivals

Nowruz (Persian New Year), Idi Ramazon (Eid al-Fitr), Idi Qurbon (Eid al-Adha).

Influence and Fusion

Russia, Uzbekistan
Origin and Region

Tajik Beverages: Origin and Region



Culinary Region

Central Asia

Country’s Region

Nationwide origin
Tajikistan Map
Ingredients and Preparation

Types of Tajik Beverages

  • Hot Non-alcoholic

    Tajik hot non-alcoholic beverages are staples, particularly during colder months.

    They are a central part of social and daily life.

  • Cold Non-alcoholic

    Cold non-alcoholic beverages in Tajik cuisine are characterized by their refreshing, natural flavors, and are typically vegan and gluten-free.

    They include sweet and complex tastes, as well as milk-based drinks.

  • Distilled Alcoholic

    Distilled alcoholic beverages, like vodka, are also popular, reflecting Russian culinary influence.

Ingredients and Preparation

Tajik Beverages: Signature Dishes and Beverages

  • Most Popular Beverages

    These beverages are a staple in Tajikistan, renowned for their unique flavors and wide appreciation within the country.

    Available in cafes, tea houses, and markets, they offer a refreshing taste of Tajik culture.

  • National Beverage

    The national beverage of Tajik cuisine is green tea.

    In Tajik culture, green tea is often consumed throughout the day and plays a significant role in social gatherings and hospitality.

  • Traditional Beverages

    With recipes passed down through generations, traditional Tajik beverages are a testament to the country’s rich history and cultural diversity.

    Some of these traditional drinks have gained national recognition, beloved by locals and international visitors alike.

Tajik beverages include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Tajikistan. Green tea is considered the country’s national drink and is consumed throughout the day.

In addition to green tea, locals sometimes consume shirchai (sirchoy), a drink prepared by mixing black tea with milk. Due to Russian culinary influence, the fruit-based beverage kompot is also popular.

Although Tajikistan’s primary religion is Islam, which discourages alcohol consumption, beer and vodka are common beverages in this Central Asian country.

There are many other interesting facts about beverages in Tajikistan, such as the nation’s tea culture, way of serving tea, the alcoholic drink scene, and the best dishes to pair with drinks. I will help you make sense of them all.

Scroll down for more information, and use the interactive filters to make your experience more immersive!

3 Most Popular Tajik Beverages with Filters

#2 in Tajikistan Flag of Tajikistan


  • Traditional

Vodka is a clear distilled spirit, primarily made from water and ethanol, with origins in Russia, Sweden, and Poland.

Country’s Region: Unspecified

Main Ingredients:

Cereal grains, potatoes, sugarcane, honey, fruits, etc.

Prepare Method: Distilling

Mealtime: Anytime

#1 in Tajikistan Flag of Tajikistan

Tea in Central Asia

Tea in Central Asia
  • National
  • Traditional

Tea in Central Asia is a respected hospitality symbol, traditionally served in a “piala,” with regionally varied preferences in types.

Country’s Region: Unspecified

Main Ingredients:

Tea leaves

Prepare Method: Steeping

Mealtime: Anytime

#3 in Tajikistan Flag of Tajikistan


  • Traditional

Kompot is a popular European drink made by simmering fruits in sweetened water.

Country’s Region: Unspecified

Main Ingredients:

Various fruits (fresh, dried, or mixed), water, sugar, or raisins.

Prepare Method: Simmering

Mealtime: Anytime

Tajik Beverage Images

What Is Tea Culture in Tajikistan Like?

Traditional Tajik Tea3
Green tea is a popular drink to pair with the main dishes in Tajik cuisine.

Tajikistan has a long history with tea, which was spread from China to Central Asia via the Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty (618–907 CE). Below are some interesting facts about local tea culture.

  • Green Tea Preference: While its Central Asian neighbors mainly enjoy black tea, Tajiks drink green tea year-round, especially in the summer. However, people sometimes consume black tea in the winter.
  • Ubiquitous in Social Settings: People enjoy tea on many occasions, from daily meals to holiday feasts, from friendly chats to religious ceremonies and business meetings.
  • Meal and Snack Companion: Tea is suitable for mealtimes (including dinner) and snack times.
  • Social and Trust Builder: Locals usually discuss life stories, news, or anecdotes while drinking tea. Therefore, tea helps strengthen social bonds and build trust in Tajikistan.
  • Hospitality and Etiquette: It’s common for Tajiks to offer tea to guests immediately upon arrival, and refusing tea can be considered rude.
  • Chaikhanas as Social Centers: Teahouses (known as chaikhana in Tajik) are important social hubs in Tajikistan, where locals can enjoy tea in an elegant setting alone or with their friends.
  • Notable Teahouses: Tajikistan has some of the biggest teahouses in Central Asia, including a melon-shaped one opened in 2015.

Are you curious about how Tajik people serve tea? Scroll down to find out the answer!

How Do People Serve Tea in Tajikistan?

Tea In Turkmenistan
Tea is a crucial drink in Turkmenistan.

Here is an overview of the way people in Tajikistan brew and enjoy tea.

  • Traditional Seating Arrangement: In traditional teahouses or households, people sit on thin mats or cushioned benches around a low table to enjoy tea.
  • Tea Varieties and Additions: Tajiks often drink plain, unsweetened green tea. But locals sometimes add novvot (Persian-style rock sugar), butter, or milk to black tea.
  • Distinctive Tea Bowls: Tea comes in ornate ceramic bowls called pialah (piyāla), which are placed on a tray.
  • Tea Accompaniments: Popular accompaniments for tea are nuts, dried fruits, sweets, and pastries.
  • Signaling with Tea Cup: When a Tajik doesn’t want any more tea, they will place their cup upside down. This action may also signal that they want to end the ongoing conversation (if any).

Although tea is the most prevalent beverage in Tajikistan, alcoholic beverages also have a considerable presence, which I will tell you right away.

How Popular Are Alcoholic Drinks in Tajikistan?

Despite the Islamic teachings on alcohol, many Tajiks are heavy drinkers. However, alcohol consumption in Tajikistan is relatively more moderate than in neighboring Central Asian countries.

Vodka is highly popular in Tajikistan, illustrating its culinary exchange with Russia. Another well-known option is beer, with pale lagers accounting for the lion’s share of the market.

Tajiks usually pair alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with traditional dishes, which I will explore next.

What Are the Best Tajik Dishes to Serve With Traditional Beverages?

Here are my suggestions on the most excellent beverages to accompany notable beverages in Tajik cuisine.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is the ultimate accompaniment for many Tajik savory foods. Classic dishes like qurutob, manti, plov, manti, sambusa, and laghmon go well with this drink.

In addition, the sweetness and richness of Tajik treats like halvaitar or dried apricots are ideal for the grassy bitterness of green tea to shine through.



Though Tajiks usually enjoy shirchoy on its own, pairing this creamy beverage with non or halvaitar is an enjoyable choice.

Vodka Kyrgyz Beverages Distilled Alcoholic


Like other strong spirits, vodka should accompany rich, savory, and usually meat-based dishes, such as plov, sambusa, shashlik, yak kebab, and dimlama.

Kompot Kyrgyz Beverages Hot Non-Alcoholic


The sweet and tart goodness of kompot can be complemented with halvaitar or dried fruits, especially dried apricots.

Do you want to learn more about beverages in Tajikistan? Check out more information in the FAQs section!


Only people 20 years old or above can legally purchase alcohol in Tajikistan.

Yes, beer is usually inexpensive in Tajikistan. In 2012, the British tabloid Daily Mail even claimed Tajikistan had the cheapest beer in the world.

Yes, milk tea, or shirchai, is a popular drink in Tajikistan, especially in winter. Locals prepare it by mixing freshly brewed black tea with milk, with salt and butter as optional ingredients.

No, beverages based on fermented dairy products, such as kumis or ayran, aren’t well-known in Tajikistan compared to other Central Asian countries.

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