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Dive into various drinks beginning with R, ranging from everyday to exotic beverages. 

Among these beverages, rượu (Vietnamese wine) is famous worldwide, while rượu cần (a traditional Vietnamese wine sipped through a long straw), is less known but deeply rooted in its cultural traditions.

Common ingredients include glutinous rice, fruits, and yeast. These drinks use methods like fermenting and distilling.

Regarding beverage types, they cover distilled alcoholic beverages and fermented alcoholic beverages.

Here are some interesting facts about R beverages:

  • In Vietnam, people over 15 years old consume an average of 8.3 liters of pure alcohol yearly, including traditional rượu
  • Drinking rượu cần often involves even-numbered groups. 
  • Street vendors commonly sell rượu đế at “quán nhậu,” where ID is not required for purchase.

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Flag of Vietnam#8 in Vietnam

Rượu is a Vietnamese alcohol that ranges from rice-based spirits to fruit wines, reflecting regional flavors and fermentation methods.

Ruou Can

Rượu Cần

Rượu cần is an indigenous Vietnamese wine fermented in jugs for a month and enjoyed through a long straw.

Ruou De

Rượu Đế

Rượu đế is a traditional Vietnamese spirit, typically distilled from rice or other grains with a high alcohol content.