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This list combines numerous beverages starting with N, from the commonly enjoyed drinks to the more niche selections. 

Nước dừa (coconut water) is among these and takes the spotlight as a global favorite for its refreshing taste and health benefits. 

In contrast, nước rau má (pennywort juice) is less popular compared to the others.

The main ingredients in beverages starting with N are diverse, including fruits, sugarcane, and herbs.

The preparation methods vary equally, including juicing, pickling, and boiling. The main beverage type is cold non-alcoholic beverages.

Here are some fascinating facts about N beverages:

  • Passion fruit in nước chanh dây can reduce diabetes and heart disease risks.
  • Nước chanh muối serves as a homemade sports drink.
  • Nước sâm Bà Bình, popular in Ho Chi Minh City since 1977, is a go-to for nước sâm.

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List of N-Starting Beverages with Filters

Nuoc Chanh Day

Nước Chanh Dây

Flag of Vietnam#12 in Vietnam

Nước chanh dây is a Vietnamese drink made from passion fruit juice, often sweetened and served chilled.

Nuoc Chanh Muoi

Nước Chanh Muối

Flag of Vietnam#11 in Vietnam

Nước chanh muối is a Vietnamese non-alcoholic beverage made with pickled limes, water, and optional sweeteners.

Nuoc Dua

Nước Dừa

Flag of Vietnam#4 in Vietnam

Nước dừa is Vietnamese for coconut water, the sweet and transparent liquid extracted from young coconuts.

Nuoc Mia

Nước Mía

Flag of Vietnam#7 in Vietnam

Nước mía is a popular Vietnamese beverage made from freshly squeezed sugarcane juice.

Nuoc Rau Ma

Nước Rau Má

Flag of Vietnam#13 in Vietnam

Nước rau má is a Vietnamese herbal drink made from the juice of the pennywort plant.

Nuoc Sam

Nước Sâm

Flag of Vietnam#10 in Vietnam

Nước sâm is a traditional Vietnamese herbal beverage made from a blend of various plants and roots, often enjoyed for its health benefits and cooling effect.