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Lastest Updated May 27, 2024
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This guide dives into beverages beginning with the letter S, showcasing a spectrum from the globally beloved to the less mainstream options. 

The universally recognized and loved sinh tố (Vietnamese smoothie) stands out as the most prominent S-starting drink in this list. 

On the other hand, soda trứng, Vietnamese egg soda, remains relatively unknown to many.

Across the spectrum of beverages starting with ‘S’, the main ingredients commonly include fruits, milk, and yogurt. 

The preparation methods often involve blending, boiling, and brewing. These beverages span several types, from hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages to dessert drinks.

Here are some fascinating tidbits about popular S beverages:

  • Sinh tố bơ is one of the most favored Vietnamese smoothies.
  • Sữa đậu nành, a Da Lat specialty, is notable in Lam Dong Province.
  • Sữa chua cà phê, mixing coffee and yogurt, boosts anti-inflammatory benefits and alertness.

Stay tuned to sip through the series of S-initiated sips coming up.

List of S-Starting Beverages with Filters



Shirchoy is a type of milk tea in Uzbekistan that is often featured as a part of a breakfast meal.

Sinh To

Sinh Tố

Vietnam Flag

Sinh tố is the Vietnamese version of smoothie, usually made from pureed fruits, fresh milk, and condensed milk.

Sinh To Bo

Sinh Tố Bơ

Sinh tố bơ is the Vietnamese version of avocado smoothies, sweetened with condensed milk and fresh milk.

Soda Trung

Soda Trứng

Vietnam Flag

Soda trứng is a Vietnamese drink combining soda water, sweetened condensed milk, and raw egg yolk.

Sua Chua Ca Phe

Sữa Chua Cà Phê

Sữa chua cà phê is a Vietnamese creamy and tart beverage made with coffee, yogurt, and condensed milk.

Sua Dau Nanh

Sữa Đậu Nành

Vietnam Flag

Sữa đậu nành is the Vietnamese version of soy milk, a type of plant milk derived from soybeans.