Soda Trứng

Soda trứng is a Vietnamese drink combining soda water, sweetened condensed milk, and raw egg yolk.

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Fact: Soda trứng is one of the exotic drinks that not many foreigners know about in Vietnam.

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Basic Information

Soda Trứng: Basic Information


/ˈsoʊ.də ʈʂʊwŋ˧˥/
or /soh-da choong/

Alternative Name(s)

Soda sữa hột gà, soda hột gà

Drink Type

Cold non-alcoholic beverages



Popular Variations

Origin and Region

Soda Trứng: Origin and Region



Continent’s Region

Southeast Asia

Country’s Region

Southern Vietnam

Associated Region

Vietnam Map
Ingredients and Preparation

Soda Trứng: Ingredients and Preparation

Main Ingredients

Soda water, sweetened condensed milk, raw egg yolk, ice

Main Preparing Method


Preparation Process

Mix soda water with condensed milk and a raw egg yolk until foamy and serves chilled
A Deep Dive

Soda Trứng: A Deep Dive

Cultural Significance

A unique beverage in Vietnamese cuisine




Smooth, fizzy, slightly thick


Mild, sweet


Pale yellow to creamy white

Serving Style

In glasses

Serving Temperature





On any occasions





Popular Similar Drinks

  1. Eggnog
  2. Egg Cream
  3. Cà Phê Trứng

Popular Dining Area

Street vendors, cafes in Vietnam

Soda trứng, also known as egg soda or soda sữa hột gà, is an exotic Vietnamese drink that brings together egg yolk and plain soda water. Additionally, this sweet drink is flavored with sweetened condensed milk for a creamy profile.

Soda Trung Infographic

Usually, only the yolks are used while the white is discarded to keep the drink from having any weird odor. When pouring the club soda to mix with the yolk, people whip the mixture at a fast pace to achieve a fluffy texture when serving.

Thanks to the acidic nature of the soda, the egg yolk’s protein will curdle, producing a custard-like texture.

Soda trứng is an exciting drink with a unique flavor that is achieved by its process of mixing to create the drink. Furthermore, I’ll also provide you with the positive and negative features of drinking soda trứng just so you can make up your mind.

Further in the article, explore common questions about soda trứng to deepen your understanding of this beverage. Also, make sure to discover a few more refreshments that share some similarities to soda trứng.

Key Points

  • Soda trứng is a Vietnamese drink of plain soda with egg yolks.
  • The drink is sweetened with condensed milk.
  • Soda trứng has a slightly thick and fluffy consistency.

Soda Trứng Images

How to Make Soda Trứng?

Despite its attractive and complex profile, soda trứng is easily made, especially when you go through these procedures:

Step 1: Add Sweetened Condensed Milk

Pour a desired amount of sweetened condensed milk into the glass. The quantity can vary depending on how sweet you want your drink to be. A common measurement is about 2-3 tablespoons.

Step 2: Add the Egg Yolk

Carefully separate an egg yolk from the white and gently place the yolk into the glass on top of the condensed milk. It’s important to keep the yolk intact.

Step 3: Pour in the Soda Water

Add chilled soda water to the glass. Pour it gently along the side of the glass or over a spoon to prevent the yolk from breaking. Fill the glass, leaving some space at the top.

Step 4: Stir

Using a long spoon, stir the mixture vigorously. The goal is to mix the ingredients well, creating a smooth, creamy texture.

Step 5: Serve Immediately

The drink is best enjoyed immediately after preparation. Optionally, you can add ice for an extra chilled beverage.

In case you’re considering whether to have soda trứng or not, make sure to look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of this exotic drink.

Pros and Cons of Drinking Soda Trứng

When you’re considering whether to drink soda trứng or not, make sure to check out these features to make the right decision:


  • Energy Boost: The combination of sugar and egg yolk can provide a quick energy boost, making it a popular choice for a refreshing pick-me-up.
  • Nutritional Value: The egg yolk in soda trứng is a good source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, particularly vitamin B12 and vitamin D.
  • Unique Flavor Experience: For those who enjoy culinary adventures, soda trứng offers a unique taste that combines the creaminess of milk with the fizziness of soda.


  • Raw Egg Risk: Consuming raw egg yolk carries a risk of salmonella or other bacterial infections, especially if the eggs are not pasteurized or handled properly.
  • Acquired Taste: The texture and flavor profile of soda trứng might not appeal to everyone, as it is quite different from typical soft drinks or egg-based beverages.

Later on, you should take a look at a few concerns relating to soda trứng to further extend your knowledge about this drink.

Soda Trứng FAQs

No, due to the presence of condensed milk, it’s not suitable for those with lactose intolerance.

No, it’s best consumed immediately after preparation due to the raw egg component.

While it provides some nutritional benefits from the egg yolk, its high sugar content and raw egg component make it less suitable as a health drink.

Use fresh, preferably pasteurized egg yolks, and add them gently to avoid cooking or curdling in the soda.

Plain soda water is typically used, but the choice can vary depending on personal preference for carbonation level.

Similar Beverages of Soda Trứng

Ca Phe Trung

Cà phê trứng is a Vietnamese coffee topped with a creamy, sweet blend of egg yolk and condensed milk froth.

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