Trà Chanh

Trà chanh is a Vietnamese iced lemon tea that combines brewed tea with fresh lemon juice and sweetener.

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Fact: In Vietnam, “trà chanh chém gió” is a vibrant street culture where youngsters gather to sip trà chanh (iced lemon tea) and chat at local stalls.

Basic Information

Trà Chanh: Basic Information


/trah chahng/

Alternative Name(s)


Drink Type

Cold non-alcoholic beverages


Origin and Region

Trà Chanh: Origin and Region



Continent’s Region

Southeast Asia

Country’s Region

Nationwide Origin

Associated Region

Vietnam Map
Popular Variation
Popular Variation
Popular Variation

Popular Trà Chanh Variations

Ingredients and Preparation

Trà Chanh: Ingredients and Preparation

Main Ingredients

Tea (green or black), fresh lemon juice, ice

Main Preparing Method


Preparation Process

Tea is brewed and mixed with lemon juice and sweetener, and served over ice
A Deep Dive

Trà Chanh: A Deep Dive

Cultural Significance

Widely recognized as a street-side refreshment in Vietnam


Sweet, sour




Fragrant tea with a hint of lemon


Varies from pale yellow to amber, sometimes darker

Serving Style

In glasses, often over ice

Serving Temperature





On any occasions


330 calories, according to data of MyFitnessPal for a 33.8-ounce bottle of Trà chanh sả (tea infused with lemongrass).


Vietnamese and worldwide (America, India, Thailand)

Popular Similar Drinks

  1. Trà Đá
  2. Thai Iced Tea
  3. Nước Sâm
  4. Trà Tắc

Popular Dining Area

Local eateries and street vendors in Vietnam

Trà chanh is a Vietnamese drink that simply combines tea and lime juice for a refreshing beverage. As a favorite refreshment on the street, trà chanh is often premixed with the two mentioned elements and combined with a basic sweetener like sugar or honey.

Tra Chanh Overview

Once served, the glass is filled with ice to create a cool and refreshing sensation. Furthermore, some variations of trà chanh include the infusion of herbs like lemongrass, adding an aromatic touch. Plus, the different use of tea, like oolong or jasmine, makes trà chanh a favorite choice to quench people’s thirst in Vietnam.

Aside from the basic information that makes up trà chanh, you should have a look at the many variations of this drink along with the standard elements used for making it. Additionally, I will delve into the benefits and potential drawbacks of drinking trà chanh, along with addressing some common questions related to it.

Additionally, I will introduce you to similar refreshing beverages that are akin to trà chanh.

Key Points

  • Trà chanh is a popular Vietnamese drink of tea and lime juice.
  • It is often served as a refreshment on the street or at coffee shops.
  • The drink utilizes different tea varieties and ingredients to diversify the flavor.

Trà Chanh Images

What Are the Variants of Trà Chanh in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, trà chanh is altered and tweaked slightly depending on regions and elements. Therefore, let me extend your understanding about this drink with a few versions of it:

Tra Chanh Bac Ha

A version infused with mint
Sometimes comes with mint syrup for an extra flavor layer

Tra Chanh Sa Mat Ong

Incorporates lemongrass and honey, providing a soothing, sweet, and aromatic flavor profile to the lemon tea

Tra Chanh Dao

Features peach (đào) flavors
Adds a sweet and fruity dimension to the classic lemon tea

Tra Chanh Vai

This variation includes lychee (vải)
Providing the sweet and floral notes of lychee with the tartness of lemon tea

Tra Chanh Sa

A blend of lemon tea with added lemongrass, offering an aromatic twist.

Later on, make sure to stick around to find out some of the elements that make up trà chanh in Vietnam.

What Ingredients Are Used for Making Trà Chanh?

To prepare trà chanh, Vietnamese locals typically use the following four key ingredients:



Usually, green tea or black tea is used as the base. The choice of tea can affect the overall flavor of the drink.

Fresh Limes

Fresh limes

The juice of fresh limes is essential for the characteristic citrus flavor. Lime slices can also be added for garnish and extra flavor.

Sugar White


Granulated sugar is commonly used to sweeten the tea. The amount can be adjusted according to taste.



Trà chanh is usually served iced, so plenty of ice cubes are added to chill the drink.

Afterward, it’s essential for you to know about all the positive and negative features when quenching your thirst with trà chanh.

Pros and Cons of Drinking Trà Chanh

Before getting yourself a glass of trà chanh, consider these important aspects of this tea and lime drink:


  • Hydration: As a tea-based beverage, it helps in keeping you hydrated, especially in hot weather.
  • Vitamin C: Lemon juice is a good source of vitamin C, which supports the immune system, prevents flu and cold.
  • Digestive Aid: Lemon tea can aid in digestion and is often soothing for the stomach.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Tea, especially green tea, is rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial for health.


  • Sugar Content: If prepared with a lot of sweetener, it can be high in calories and not suitable for those managing sugar intake.
  • Acidity: Lemon is acidic, which might not be suitable for people with acid reflux or sensitive stomachs.
  • Caffeine Content: Depending on the tea used, it may contain caffeine, which can be a concern for those sensitive to caffeine or consuming it late in the day.

Also, let’s delve into the common concerns of many about trà chanh, so you can fully comprehend this refreshing drink.

Trà Chanh FAQs

Caution is advised due to the acidity of lemon, which might aggravate acid reflux.

It’s best enjoyed fresh, but you can store the tea in the refrigerator and add lemon and ice just before serving.

Yes, it can be made without sugar or with alternative sweeteners like honey.

It’s great for hot days, as a refreshing drink at gatherings, or anytime you need a refreshing beverage.

Similar Beverages of Trà Chanh

Tra Da

Trà đá is a popular Vietnamese iced tea, served cold and often enjoyed as a refreshing street-side beverage.

Nuoc Sam

Nước sâm is a traditional Vietnamese herbal beverage made from a blend of various plants and roots, often enjoyed for its health benefits and cooling effect.

Tra Tac

Trà tắc is a Vietnamese refreshment made by infusing tea with kumquat juice.

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