Angel Wings

Angel wings are ribbon-shaped pastry that is fried and enjoyed with sugar.

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Fact: In some regions, the husbands will give their wives angel wings on Friday the 13th to deter all bad luck.

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Basic Information

Angel Wings: Basic Information


/ˈeɪndʒəl wɪŋz/

Alternative Name(s)

Chiachiere, fawordki, bugnes, klejner, calzones rotos, etc.

Dish Type

Desserts, fried dishes




Origin and Region

Angel Wings: Origin and Region



Continent’s Region


Country’s Region


Associated Region

A Deep Dive

Popular Angel Wings Variations

Ingredients and Preparation

Angel Wings: Ingredients and Preparation

Main Ingredients

All-purpose flour, eggs

Main Cooking Method


Preparation Process

Dough is rolled thin, cut, twisted, and fried
A Deep Dive

Angel Wings: A Deep Dive

Cultural Significance

Celebratory, especially during pre-Lenten feasts, Fat Thursday, Friday the 13th.








Golden brown

Serving Style

Handheld or in a bowl

Serving Temperature

Warm or room temperature


Tea or coffee


Festivals, weddings



Special Diets

Non diet-specific


67 calories, according to data of MyFitnessPal for 1 wing


Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tatarstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Popular Similar Dishes

  1. Beignets
  2. Maejap-gwa

Popular Dining Area

Local households and bakeries

Angel wings are simply European fried pastries that are twisted to form a ribbon shape. Typically, these wings come with sprinkled sugar for a touch of sweetness. Popular around the world, people feature angel wings before the celebration of Lent.

Angel Wings Overview

Additionally, these pastries are a favorite during many carnivals and Fat Thursday. In terms of ingredients, the pastry is a simple combination of flour, water, and egg yolks.

As for the confectioner sugar, it’s added after the frying process.

Aside from the signature features of angel wings, you don’t want to skip the exciting varieties of this pastry in many countries, along with the many names and processes of creating it.

Additionally, make sure to discover some accompaniments to enjoy with angel wings and the good and bad features of this treat.

Plus, there are some common inquiries and similar dishes to angel wings that I want to share with you.

Key Points

  • Angel wings are fried pastries of Europe, shaped into a ribbon.
  • They are popular and have many varieties across European countries.
  • Angel wings pair with a variety of accompaniments.

Angel Wings Images

What Are the Types of Angel Wings in Each Country?

The popularity of angel wings is undoubtedly present across the world, with each country having its own way of interpreting.


Origin: Spain

A honey-soaked pastry traditionally made during Easter and Christmas.

Origin: Sweden

A deep-fried pastry flavored with spices, commonly made during Christmas.

Origin: Norway

Also known as poor man cookies, they are traditionally served during the festival season.
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Origin: Bulgaria

Found in Bansko. Typically sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Origin: Croatia

Traditional pastry from Dalmatia and Istria. Made of deep frying dough.

Origin: France

Made in central-eastern France. Varieties include crunchy bugnes and soft bugnes.

Origin: Hungary

Made from egg yolk, flour, leavening agent, sugar, salt, and cognac or brandy. Traditional at weddings.

Origin: Italy

Eaten at Carnival time. Varieties include frappe, sfrappole, bugie, galani, crostoli, and fritte.

Origin: Lithuania

Delicate pastry dough cookies, deep fried. Skruzdėlynas: Layers of fried dough strips with honey.
Faworki Or Chrusty

Origin: Poland

Faworki relates to colorful ribbons, while Chruścik is a diminutive of chrust.

Origin: Ukraine

Sweet cookies fried in lard in the form of oblong strips. Made with non-yeast dough.

Origin: Lithuania

Layers of fried dough strips with honey.
Translated to “anthill”.

Once you have picked your favorite variety of angel wings, don’t hesitate to jump straight into the name of this pastry in many countries.

How Are Angel Wings Called in Other Countries?

When it comes to naming, angel wings come with various names in countries where this pastry is available:

Bashkurtҡош теле, kushtili (bird tongue)
ChileCalzones Rotos (torn panties)
Bulgariaфаворки (favorki)
CroatiaKrostole, Kroštule
Czech RepublicBoží Milosti
Belarusхрушчы (chruščy), фаворкі (favorki)
FranceBugnes, Merveilles, Oreillettes
GermanyFasnachtschüechli, Raderkuchen, Mutzenblätter
Greeceδίπλες (diples)
ItalyChiacchiere, Crostoli, bugie, Frappe, Cenci, Grostoli, Galani, Sfrappole, Nocche
HungaryCsöröge Fánk, Forgácsfánk
Judeo-SpanishFazuelos, Fiyuelas
LithuaniaŽagarėliai (twigs, sticks)
LatviaŽagariņi, Zaķauši (rabbit ears)
NorwayFattigmann (poor man)
Tatarкош теле, Kus Tili (bird tongue)
TibetKhapse, Khapsey
PolandFaworki, Chruściki, Chrusty
RomaniaMinciunele, Uscatele, Cirighele
PortugalOrelha de Gato, Coscorão, Filhós, Cavaquinho, Cueca Virada, Crostoli
Russiaхворост (khvorost, twigs, sticks)
Russian-Canadian DoukhoborOрешки (Oreshki, nuts)
SlovakiaFánka, Čeregi
Ukraineвергуни (Verhuny)
UzbekistanQush tili (bird tongue)
Yiddishכרוסט (khrost)

Once you’ve learned about all sorts of ways to say angel wings, make sure not to miss a basic guide through how this treat is made.

How to Make Angel Wings?

To make angel wings, it’s all about combining the ingredients, shaping the wings, and deep-frying these pastries to perfection. For that, let me take you through 5 simple steps to make basic angel wings.

  • Step 1: Mix the dough in a bowl, combining flour, egg yolk, water, salt, and flavor enhancers like rum or vanilla.
  • Step 2: Knead the dough until it becomes smooth and elastic. Roll it into a thin sheet and cut the dough into strips to twist it into the signature ribbon shape.
Angel Wings9
  • Step 3: Deep-fry the angel wing dough strips in oil until they turn golden brown.
  • Step 4: Drain excess oil using paper towels.
  • Step 5: Sprinkle angel wings with confectioner sugar and serve them warm to ensure the crisp texture.

Angel wings alone are not enough, as there are more to elevate the flavors by pairing them with other foods.

What to Pair with Angel Wings?

To enjoy angel wings to the fullest, here are some side options that you should consider having by your fried pastries:

Hot Beverages

Hot Beverages

Tea or coffee, especially cappuccinos or lattes, perfectly balance the sweetness of Angel Wings.



Ice cream, particularly vanilla or fruit flavors, enhances the dessert experience. Fruit compotes, especially those made from berries or apples, add a tangy complement.

Savory Dishes

Savory Dishes

A cheese platter, with its salty cheeses, contrasts the sweetness of the pastry. Light broths or creamy soups also provide a different texture to enjoy alongside.

Dips And Sauces

Dips And Sauces

Chocolate sauce is drizzled for added sweetness, while a tangy berry coulis complements the pastry’s flavor.

While there are many options to enjoy angel wings, the treats even come with many benefits and drawbacks that you should know before consuming.

Pros and Cons of Eating Angel Wings

These are the advantages and disadvantages to consider before eating angel wings:


  • Texture: The crispy and light texture of angel wings is often appreciated by those who enjoy fried desserts.
  • Versatility: They are flavored or paired with various toppings, such as powdered sugar, chocolate, or fruit sauces, allowing for a variety of taste experiences.
  • Shareable: Their size and shape make them perfect for sharing during gatherings or parties.
  • Quick Snack: They are quickly prepared and served, making them a convenient treat.


  • Short Shelf Life: As with many fried foods, angel wings are best consumed fresh and might not retain their optimal texture and taste after a day or two.
  • Not Filling: While tasty, they don’t provide a fulfilling sensation.

With those features said, there are more intriguing inquiries for you to find out about angel wings to kill your free time.

Angel Wings FAQs

Angel wings are different from other pastries thanks to their signature ribbon shape.

Angel Wings are best consumed fresh. However, they can be stored in an airtight container for a day or two, but they might lose some of their crispness over time.

Yes, there are alternative recipes available for angel wings that cater to gluten-free or vegan diets. For gluten-free versions, gluten-free flour is used, and for vegan versions, egg and dairy substitutes are incorporated.

The name “angel wings” likely derives from their light, airy texture and their wing-like shape, which is reminiscent of an angel’s wings.

Yes, the dough for Angel Wings can be made in advance, wrapped tightly, and frozen. When ready to use, it’s recommended to thaw the dough in the refrigerator before frying.

Similar Dishes of Angel Wings


Beignets are French deep-fried pastries, often square-shaped, dusted with powdered sugar, and commonly served with café au lait.

Maejap Gwa

Maejap-gwa is a traditional Korean deep-fried confectionery, often ribbon-shaped, made from wheat flour dough and sweetened with honey or syrup.

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