Bánh Canh Gà

Bánh canh gà is a Vietnamese thick noodle soup with chicken as the main topping.

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Fact: Often, Vietnamese will cook the chicken whole before disassembling the meat to maintain a uniform texture.

Basic Information

Bánh Canh Gà: Basic Information


/bɑːn kɑːn ɡɑː/

Alternative Name(s)


Dish Type

Noodle soups, rice dishes


Main Course


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Popular Variations

Varies based on ingredients
Origin and Region

Bánh Canh Gà: Origin and Region



Continent’s Region

Southeast Asia

Country’s Region

Nationwide Origin

Associated Region

Vietnam Map
Ingredients and Preparation

Bánh Canh Gà: Ingredients and Preparation

Main Ingredients

Chicken (meat and bones), thick rice or tapioca noodles

Main Cooking Method

Boiling and simmering

Preparation Process

The broth is made by boiling chicken bones, noodles cooked separately, combined, and served with various toppings.
A Deep Dive

Bánh Canh Gà: A Deep Dive

Cultural Significance

A popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine, often enjoyed in home cooking and street food stalls




Slightly chewy noodles, tender chicken




Clear or slightly yellowish due to chicken broth

Serving Style

In a bowl

Serving Temperature



Fresh vegetables


On any occasions



Special Diets



195 calories, according to data of MyFitnessPal for 1 pack of Bánh canh gà.



Popular Similar Dishes

  1. Phở Gà
  2. Soto Ayam
  3. Chicken Udon

Popular Dining Area

Street food stalls, local eateries in Vietnam.

Bánh canh gà is a traditional Vietnamese thick noodle soup with chicken as the main topping of the specialty. Different from other regular noodle varieties in Vietnam, the bánh canh noodles are bigger in size and possess a more slippery profile.

Banh Canh Ga Overview

Commonly, these thick noodles are made of rice flour or tapioca starch, giving them a slightly chewy profile. As for the broth, bánh canh gà uses chicken bones to infuse the water with a natural sweetness before combining any spice.

As for the chicken, locals often serve thighs or drumsticks, but common versions at eateries often use shredded chicken. To add to that, this savory noodle soup comes with blood curd, mushrooms, carrots, and simple herbs.

For serving, bánh canh gà, as a street food item, goes great with a touch of heat from chili sauce or a squeeze of lime juice for a bit of sourness. Often enjoyed warm, bánh canh gà is a warm source of nutrients all packed in a bowl.

For further insight, consider exploring the pros and cons of eating bánh canh gà, along with related inquiries. Then, let me introduce you to some of the specialties that share similarities to bánh canh gà.

Key Points

  • Bánh canh gà is a Vietnamese noodle soup with chicken and thick, slippery noodles.
  • The noodles are made from rice flour or tapioca starch, and have a chewy texture.
  • The chicken can be whole or shredded, and the dish has toppings like blood curd, mushrooms, carrots, and herbs.

Bánh Canh Gà Images

Pros and Cons of Eating Bánh Canh Gà

These are the benefits and drawbacks that people often encounter when eating bánh canh gà:


  • Comfort food: It’s a warm, comforting dish that’s particularly satisfying on cold days or when one is feeling under the weather.
  • Customizable: The dish is easily adjusted to suit dietary preferences or restrictions, such as using less sodium or adding more vegetables.
  • Gluten-free option: When made with tapioca or rice flour noodles, it’s suitable for those on a gluten-free diet.


  • Carbohydrate density: The thick noodles are high in carbohydrates, which is a concern for those monitoring their carb intake.
  • Caloric content: Depending on the preparation, it’s potentially high in calories if it includes a lot of meat or is served in large portions.

To savor bánh canh gà fully, make sure you fully understand the dish, especially through some of the common concerns of many about the dish.

Bánh Canh Gà FAQs

No, the dish itself is not typically spicy, but it’s also customized with chili sauce or fresh chilies to add heat.

Bánh canh gà uses thicker noodles and a different type of broth compared to phở, which uses flat rice noodles and a beef-based broth.

Store the noodles and broth separately in airtight containers in the refrigerator to maintain the best texture and flavor.

Bánh canh gà is eaten with chopsticks and a spoon, using the chopsticks to manage the noodles and the spoon to sip the broth.

Similar Dishes of Bánh Canh Gà

Pho Ga

Phở gà is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of tender chicken pieces, aromatic herbs, and phở noodles in a clear and flavorful broth.

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