Bánh Khọt

Bánh khọt is a Vietnamese savory mini pancake made from rice flour and is topped with shrimp for serving with a dipping sauce.

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Fact: Bánh khọt was voted to be on the list of the top 40 impressive dishes of Vietnam by CNN.

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Basic Information

Bánh Khọt: Basic Information


/bahn khote/

Alternative Name(s)


Dish Type



Appetizer, main course


Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Origin and Region

Bánh Khọt: Origin and Region



Continent’s Region

Southeast Asia

Country’s Region

Southern Vietnam

Associated Region

Vietnam Map
A Deep Dive

Popular Bánh Khọt Variations

Ingredients and Preparation

Bánh Khọt: Ingredients and Preparation

Main Ingredients

Rice flour, shrimp

Main Cooking Method


Preparation Process

Batter made from rice flour, poured into small, round pans, and topped with shrimp and other ingredients
A Deep Dive

Bánh Khọt: A Deep Dive

Cultural Significance

A popular dish in Southern Vietnamese cuisine








Golden brown or white

Serving Style

On a plate

Serving Temperature



Fresh herbs, dipping sauce


On any occasions



Special Diets



55 calories, according to data of MyFitnessPal for a Banh Khot pancake.


In Southern Vietnam

Popular Similar Dishes

  1. Bánh Xèo
  2. Okonomiyaki

Popular Dining Area

Local street food stalls, casual dining in Vietnam

Bánh khọt is a type of Vietnamese fried pancake made from rice or cassava flour. Locals will throw cut-up shrimp pieces into these small pancakes when the batter mixture is settled in a frying pan.

Banh Khot Infographic

Ideally, traditional bánh khọt possesses a crunchy profile with a beautiful yellow color. Surprisingly, bánh khọt is relatively small, explaining why the pan for cooking this pancake is uniquely designed with multiple holes for cooking many pancakes at the same time.

For serving, bánh khọt is served with lots of herbs and vegetables along with a mixture of nước chấm as a street food culinary item. In Vung Tau, bánh khọt also comes in a white color but is fried in the same way for serving with shredded papaya and lotus roots.

Make sure you learn everything about bánh khọt, especially its many versions and the steps required to produce the treat. Also, I suggest checking out the pros and cons of eating these fried pancakes along with the common inquiries and similar dishes of bánh khọt.

Key Points

  • Bánh khọt is a Vietnamese fried pancake, usually made using rice flour.
  • It often includes cut-up shrimp pieces added to the batter in the frying pan.
  • It is served with a variety of herbs, vegetables, and nước chấm dipping sauce.

Bánh Khọt Images

What Are the Variants of Bánh Khọt?

Bánh khọt is easily customizable as the basic concept of it is a fried pancake topped with savory ingredients. For that, let me introduce you to 5 popular versions of this treat in Vietnam:

Banh Khot Nhan Thit

Features minced pork as the primary topping

Banh Khot Vung Tau

A classic version from Vung Tau
Known for its white color
Served with shredded papaya and lotus root

Banh Khot Chay

A vegetarian version with mung beans as the main topping.

Banh Khot Hai San

Features a variety of seafood such as squid and shrimp

Banh Khot Mien Tay

A variation from the Mekong Delta region

Don’t just stop at knowing about bánh khọt as the process of producing bánh khọt is also a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that you shouldn’t miss.

How to Make Bánh Khọt?

In Vietnam, bánh khọt is easily found in the Southern region of the country, making it one of the must-try specialties. In case you’re looking to try out bánh khọt, here’s an overview of how these pancakes come to life:

Step 1: Prepare the Batter

Mix rice flour with water and a pinch of salt to form a smooth, pourable batter.

Step 2: Heat the Pan

Use a bánh khọt pan. Heat it over medium heat and oil each indentation.

Step 3: Pour the Batter

Once the pan is hot, pour the batter into each indentation, filling them about half full.

Step 4: Add the Filling

Place a shrimp in the center of each pancake. Sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Step 5: Cook the Pancakes

Cover the pan and let the pancakes cook until the bottom edges turn golden and crispy.

Step 6: Remove and Serve

Carefully remove each pancake from the pan and serve hot.

Later on, be sure not to miss some of the good and bad aspects of eating bánh khọt so you can enjoy this delicacy worry-free.

Pros and Cons of Eating Bánh Khọt

Bánh khọt is a satisfying treat to enjoy once you’re in Vietnam, but it’s important to have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of this crispy pancake:


  • Versatility: This dish can be adapted to include a variety of fillings, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences.
  • Good source of energy: The carbohydrates in bánh khọt provide a quick source of energy, making them a suitable snack or meal component, especially if you’re active.
  • Portion control: Due to their small size, bánh khọt can be good for portion control, allowing you to enjoy a flavorful dish without overeating.


  • Frying method: Since bánh khọt is typically pan-fried, it may not be the healthiest cooking method compared to baking or steaming, especially for those watching their fat intake.
  • Caloric content: Bánh Khọt can be relatively high in calories, especially if cooked with a lot of oil.

Also, you should discover some concerns that people often have for these fried pancakes before getting one for yourself.

Bánh Khọt FAQs

Bánh khọt is smaller, thicker, and typically round, while bánh xèo is larger, thinner, and crepe-like.

Traditionally, it is gluten-free as it’s made with rice flour, but it’s always best to check specific recipes or restaurant menus for any variations.

It’s usually served with fresh herbs, lettuce, and a dipping sauce, often fish sauce-based. Ideally, people will wrap the lettuce leaf around the pancakes or simply dip bánh khọt into the sauce.

The pancake itself is not spicy, but the accompanying dipping sauce can be spicy depending on the amount of chili used.

Similar Dishes of Bánh Khọt

Banh Xeo

Bánh xèo is a Vietnamese stuffed pancake consisting of rice flour batter, pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, and other toppings.

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