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Refer to the information below on many dishes that start with K, from a familiar favorite like kashk (a dried yogurt or whey) to less-recognized like loktal, a fish dish of Kazakh. 

The main ingredients for these K dishes are meat (like beef, lamb, or chicken), flour, fruits, and dairy products. The common cooking methods are fermenting, stewing, grilling, or boiling. They range from soups, stews, grilled and barbecued dishes, or desserts. 

Let’s explore some interesting facts about dishes beginning with “K”, such as: 

  • Kuurdak evolved with the introduction of potatoes in 19th-century Central Asia.
  • Kashk was introduced in the 10th-century Persian poem named Shahnameh. 
  • At a 2009 Vietnam coconut festival, a 600 kg (1322.77 lbs) kẹo dừa was crafted.

Learn more about K-dishes in the part that follow.

List of K-Starting Dishes with Filters



Flag of Turkmenistan#22 in Turkmenistan

Kakmach is a sun-dried meat from Turkmenistan that people often fry or bake before serving.



Flag of Kyrgyzstan#11 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Tajikistan#14 in Tajikistan

Flag of Kazakhstan#15 in Kazakhstan

Flag of Uzbekistan#19 in Uzbekistan

Flag of Turkmenistan#30 in Turkmenistan

Kashk refers to various dairy products made from curdled milk in the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.



Flag of Turkmenistan#14 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Uzbekistan#20 in Uzbekistan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#24 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Kazakhstan#28 in Kazakhstan

Kaymak is a Turkish-style clotted cream with a rich, slightly tangy taste and creamy texture.

Kazan Kebab

Kazan Kebab

Flag of Uzbekistan#42 in Uzbekistan

Kazan kebab is a traditional Uzbek dish involving meat cooked in a pot with potatoes and various spices.

Kebab Pizza

Kebab Pizza

Kebab pizza is a Swedish delicacy made by topping a pizza with kebab meat and condiments.

Keo Dua

Kẹo Dừa

Flag of Vietnam#134 in Vietnam

Kẹo dừa is a Vietnamese coconut candy known for its sweet, chewy texture and rich coconut flavor.



Flag of Kyrgyzstan#12 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Kazakhstan#16 in Kazakhstan

Flag of Turkmenistan#31 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Uzbekistan#45 in Uzbekistan

Kesme is an egg noodle in Central Asia and Turkey.



Flag of Tajikistan#18 in Tajikistan

Khoresh is a traditional slow-cooked stew popular in Iranian, Afghan, Tajik, and Kurdish cuisines.



Flag of Kazakhstan#38 in Kazakhstan

Koktal is a Kazakh fish dish featuring smoked carp, traditionally cooked over charcoal and served in a cocktail bowl.



Flag of Uzbekistan#30 in Uzbekistan

Kuksu is a cold noodle of Korean popularized in Uzbekistan thanks to the Korean people.



Flag of Turkmenistan#6 in Turkmenistan

Flag of Uzbekistan#12 in Uzbekistan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan#13 in Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Kazakhstan#17 in Kazakhstan

Kuurdak is a Central Asian and Mongolian meat dish.

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