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Let’s uncover various P-starting delights, from the widely recognized to the less widely known. 

Pizza, a universal favorite, takes center stage, while phở chấm (a creative phở variant in Hanoi, Vietnam) remains a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Main ingredients vary widely across “P” dishes, including beef, rice, and flour. Plus, main cooking methods such as baking, steaming, and simmering also vary. 

These dishes can be categorized into various dish types, like noodle soups and dry noodle dishes, rice dishes, and soups.

Some fun facts about these P-name dishes are:

  • Interestingly, about 13% of Americans enjoy pizza daily.
  • There are numerous variations of pilaf, prepared with different types of grains. Notably, Uzbek pilaf was recognized as a part of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List in 2016.
  • In Vietnam, phở is widely regarded as a signature dish of the nation.

Continue reading for a detailed overview of delicacies starting with P.

List of P-Starting Dishes with Filters



Tajikistan Flag

Paneer is a fresh cheese of Indian cuisine made by curdling milk in an acidic mixture.



Vietnam Flag

Phở is a popular Vietnamese noodle soup with beef or chicken in an aromatic broth.

Pho Bo

Phở Bò (Beef Pho)

Phở bò is a Vietnamese noodle soup with phở noodles, beef, fresh herbs, and beef broth.

Pho Bo Tron

Phở Bò Trộn

Phở bò trộn is a Vietnamese noodle dish in Hanoi with phở noodles, sautéd beef, herbs, and roasted peanuts.

Pho Cham

Phở Chấm

Phở chấm is a Vietnamese dish with phở noodles, chicken, herbs, broth, and dipping sauce kept on separate plates.

Pho Chua

Phở Chua (Sour Pho)

Phở chua is a Vietnamese noodle dish from the Northeast region, consisting of phở noodles and various toppings in a flavorful dressing.

Pho Cuon

Phở Cuốn

Phở cuốn is a Vietnamese rolled dish from Hanoi consisting of phở noodles, beef, and vegetables.

Pho Ga

Phở Gà (Chicken Pho)

Phở gà is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of tender chicken pieces, aromatic herbs, and phở noodles in a clear and flavorful broth.

Pho Ga Tron

Phở Gà Trộn

Phở gà trộn is a Vietnamese noodle dish in Hanoi with phở noodles, chicken, herbs, roasted peanuts, and a sweet and sour sauce.

Pho Tron

Phở Trộn

Phở trộn is a Vietnamese noodle dish in Hanoi with phở noodles, chicken or beef, roasted peanuts, herbs, and a sweet and sour sauce.

Pho Vit

Phở Vịt (Duck Pho)

Phở vịt usually refers to a Vietnamese soup noodle made with phở noodles and roast duck in Lang Son, a province in Northeast Vietnam.

Pho Xao Thit Bo

Phở Xào Thịt Bò

Phở xào thịt bò is a Vietnamese stir-fry consisting of phở noodles, beef, and vegetables.



Turkmenistan Flag

Pilaf is a rice dish (or wheat) popular in many countries around the world, combining grains with various broths, spices, meat, and vegetables.



Pishme is a fried dough snack in Turkmenistan, commonly served with green tea.



Piti is a traditional Azerbaijani slow-cooked soup made of mutton, vegetables, and tail fat, often paired with lavash bread.



Pizza is a globally-loved dish originating from Italy, featuring a baked dough base topped with sauce, cheese, and various toppings.

Pizza Capricciosa

Pizza Capricciosa

Pizza capricciosa is an Italian pizza with various toppings.

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita is an Italian pizza made from tomato sauce, basil, and mozzarella.

Pizza Marinara

Pizza Marinara

Pizza marinara is an Italian pizza topped with only tomato sauce.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi

Pizza Quattro Formaggi

Pizza quattro formaggi is an Italian pizza variety made with pizza dough, four types of cheese, and tomato sauce (optional).

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Pizza quattro stagioni is an Italian pizza with various toppings.

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